Welcome to the PAUKER Club!

My name is Alina Zakrevska, and I am the founder of the Pauker Club

The idea of establishing a German language club and a portal for its learning emerged a long time ago.

The need for video courses that my students could study from anywhere became urgent since the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine.

From a relatively homogeneous community of students who gradually or intensively start learning German from scratch, different groups with various needs have formed.

I can already speak, but I make so many mistakes that Germans switch to English...

I attend classes every day and do homework, but there is no progress!

I used to be silent, and I am still silent, even though I have a B1 certificate...

The entrance exam is approaching, and there is no sign of a B2 certificate!

Does this sound familiar to you?

Traditional classes are giving way to focused courses developed based on years of experience: mine, the teachers in my club, and, of course, hundreds of our students.

Alina Zakrevska
"Pauke" means "timpani" in German

So, why such a name?

In student circles, "pauken" which means "to drum" is used to describe "studying diligently". And the word "PAUKER" means "teacher, master, guru, instructor" ironically, with a smile. Therefore, our little spider will help you learn German diligently, but with a smile.

Pauker Drummer
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New course Adult Exam Start Deutsch A1

A new preparation course for the Start Deutsch A1 exam has been added. Target group: adults aged 16 and older. Language of explanations: Ukrainian.

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Updating the website functionality

The website functionality has been updated, a new Blog section has been added, and preparations for launching general registration on the website are underway.

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Our new domain - www.pauker-club.com

Now the website is functioning on the new domain www.pauker-club.com

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