Welcome to the PAUKER Club!

My name is Alina Zakrevska, and I am the founder of the Pauker Club

The idea of establishing a German language club and a portal for its learning emerged a long time ago.

The need for video courses that my students could study from anywhere became urgent since the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine.

From a relatively homogeneous community of students who gradually or intensively start learning German from scratch, different groups with various needs have formed.

I can already speak, but I make so many mistakes that Germans switch to English...

I attend classes every day and do homework, but there is no progress!

I used to be silent, and I am still silent, even though I have a B1 certificate...

The entrance exam is approaching, and there is no sign of a B2 certificate!

Does this sound familiar to you?

Traditional classes are giving way to focused courses developed based on years of experience: mine, the teachers in my club, and, of course, hundreds of our students.

Alina Zakrevska
"Pauke" means "timpani" in German

So, why such a name?

In student circles, "pauken" which means "to drum" is used to describe "studying diligently". And the word "PAUKER" means "teacher, master, guru, instructor" ironically, with a smile. Therefore, our little spider will help you learn German diligently, but with a smile.

Pauker Drummer

Our club will offer you:

An examination portal

A place where you can prepare for the most international German language exams.

Video courses

Courses specially designed for you and your requirements.

A shop

Where you can purchase textbooks and various items.

Pauker Image

The Lesen part of the TestDaF digital exam is now available in the new section on the website

The practice exam service is open, where you can try the Lesen part of the TestDaF digital exam. Hurry, discounts are available now!

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General registration is open!

Starting from May 2nd, registration is open without restrictions. Video courses for various age groups and levels of German proficiency are already available on the website.

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Free Course Teen Exam Fit in Deutsch 1

A new free preparation course for the Fit in Deutsch 1 teen exam has been opened.

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New course Adult Exam Start Deutsch A1

A new preparation course for the Start Deutsch A1 exam has been added. Target group: adults aged 16 and older. Language of explanations: Ukrainian.

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